A Closer Look at the 'Brave New World-Wide-Web' Presentation

What does it mean to be a connected or well networked teacher today?
external image the-networked-teacher.png?w=530&h=496external image the-teacher-network.png?w=440&h=296
(See Mr. W's Post about these Alec Couros diagrams.)

Is technology necessary? (See Jeff Utecht's What makes a well rounded teacher?)
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Are students really different now?

How will I engage my students? How will I make what I teach meaningful and relevant?
external image whatweteachflat.gif

What will it take to be prepared for the digitally exposed students of today!

Does a new teacher need to get connected, join a network,
or at least see the value of becoming a networked, digitally competent teacher and learner?


Consider one of the questions on this page and follow a link to find out more.
You can work alone or in groups.
5 minute read,
5 min. pair-share,
10min. Discussion, and
10 min. Break.