Welcome back SFU students!

I took away the ustream video and comment boxes since we didn't really use them, but I linked to ustream so you can check it out. I'm actually watching a session in a conference going on in Philadelphia as I type this.

Please respond to my discussion in the tab below and thanks again for the opportunity to speak to your class!
Check out Doug's new wiki and also head down to the wiki section to see some great examples!

Today's Agenda

(Informally starting with students signing up for accounts on this wiki site shortly after 9am PST. Students please go to Getting Started.)
  • Wiki's: Part 1
  • "Who are you?" - introductions
  • A Brave New World-Wide-Web
  • Networks!
Personal Learning Network
  • A del.icio.us offering
  • Wiki's: Part 2
  • Playing with your wiki page.

Getting Started

If you have not started yet, please go to Getting Started and join this wiki space. Let me know if you are waiting for approval to join.
If you are done and waiting for others, click on your name in the left hand navigation bar and go to YOUR PERSONAL wiki page.
PLAY! (You can't break it:-) There is a help button on the top right of every page. Try things out until we do our introductions.
We will watch the videos together.

A Brave New World-Wide-Web

After the slideshow please go to the Brave New Web discussion page.


Personal and shared learning
Twitter and More about Twitter
Also itunes, slideshare, youtube, google docs & google presentations.


The following slide show was created for another session, we will only be looking at the first half of it.

Our own tag 'sfu-ed405'
Use this to share web sites with all the members of your class. See the results here: http://del.icio.us/tag/sfu-ed405


What is it?

This wiki presentation has many links including some below:
Flat Classroom
1001 Flat World Tales
Novel Study- Hannalee
Mine: Science Alive!

How could you use a wiki in the classroom? Check this out before you answer.

Here is another great wiki resource by Carolyn Foote and friends.

Bonus: Learn from others' experiences.
Personally I would not start a project online again without reading these 3 blog posts again:
Learning from My Online Project Mistakes by Susan Sedro
Making Connections: Social Networking in the Elementary Classroom by Kim Cofino
Wikis in the classroom: a reflection by me

Time to play!
On your wiki page, try to do at least 4 of the following:
  • Add a link to another student page, and/or create a link to a blog post you like.
  • Add a video and/or a map.
  • Add a table of contents.
  • Add a photo or image and/or upload a photo or image.
  • Add a table.
  • Add a widget.

Final thoughts... time permitting

Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

Karl Fisch says in his award winning post,

"If a teacher today is not technologically literate - and is unwilling to make the effort to learn more - it's equivalent to a teacher 30 years ago who didn't know how to read and write."

What do you think? (start a discussion in the tab above)